Previous used UMS was kicked out. I’ve also tried many different usb cables and every port in my laptop. After that install your ROM like you usual. I’m hoping to RUU 4. Dear Andrew I typed E: If the above solution does not work for you then you can try the following: If I drag down I can get the menus, but it is useless if you can’t get into the settings.

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The more RAM available to the device, the better the performance will be when multiple or dv programs are running. Can somone tell me where to get a good factory image so I can get back to baseline. I’m using osx mountain lion and my phone is hboot 1. Phone is now showing up in My Computer.

Are you a developer? Yup, Arrived for min has only 25 days, is bought 02 months, is made?? Once you have it in fastboot mode run the adb devices command to see if it pops up.

If not, check to see if you are using the newest fastboot version. I can give further htf if need be. I figured that with your articles, if anyone can help, you can!

Try to erase the file that you flashd alredy put another one up and try getting it running i hope you did unlock the phone or S-off for minimal try to flash it if it dont work your internal storage may be brocken if it works you just enter recovery and follow step by step of the video on the top of the page It should probably work.


Last spring my husbands phone kept going to a locked tampered screen when the phone’s battery got low. Missus won’t be giving me any grief over not getting an iPhone 5 That said, even though I managed to somehow connect the phone to the PC, it is still not coming up in windows explorer, and upon connection of the phone USB to the PC, windows always throws up the message that the drivers are not installed?

Hi, I have a problem.

So I followed your guide above and I am getting the – cannot read ‘sideload’. It should take a couple minutes to send over your ROM and then a few more to actually flash it. Plz i need help my htc one m7 is running cyanogenmod Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

When I install fastboot and adb, i put in password, and ons installs. Once it says that it started you can go ahead and send the ROM over.

HTC Pc Suite and Usb Drivers Android Adb Drivers | Android Urdu

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Btc. Were you trying to flash a new ROM or tweak before this? My m7 is fixed now I’m so happy, and if you guys are having trouble getting your phone to recovery then hold the phone light sensor to a light bulb not touching it but close and hold the power and vol down button until the phone goes to boot loader, and after flashing the stock rom you will need to root again, search for hasoons all in one root kit on google and if you already have an unlocked boot loader you can skip to the steps on the right in the program, i hope i help mgp guys out: You just need your system reset, so don’t worry about that.


Now i can see my device but: Trough another point im not using your ADB since i got error that couldnt be fixed like: Send me a copy of the full terminal log displaying the error.

I was planning to return it completely back to stock, but I cant get the correct drivers for fastboot on windows 8. Note that this is for Windows 7. I still need help though.

Please Help – MTP USB Device

The phones working perfectly now. Maybe I should of let her have that damn iPhone 5 after all Just to make sure we’ve covered all of our bases try this: What works for one person does not always work for everyone.

Have you tried redownloading and reflashing TWRP?