Please call us at Unfortunately, the beautiful color pal- ettes are stuck two levels down in a hierarchical menu — they would be easier to use if they were tear-off or floating palettes. Thank you for your quick reply. I do not know who the manufacturer of the plotter was since it is only branded as Inscribe. The relational database allows attaching any needed information to objects in your CAD drawing. Sign in Already have an account? Angles, distances and rotations in degrees, minutes and seconds Zoom In and Zoom Out accurate to lOOOn You can draw a multi -story office complex and a detail of a kitchen faucet in the same document with no distortion and no rounding errors.

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Dimensioning types include horizontal, vertical, angular, diagonal, orthogonal, chain and more.

Contrary to expectation, lowering the baudrate makes the problem worse. Symbols can even be accessed from libraries in other files. No other program comes with so many options at such high quality for so low a price.


The bay window on the bottom right shows dimensioning between two points as well as witness grapthec, arrowheads, and text that rotates by degree. They have another system that allows custom printed stationery.

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Sign In Sign Up. Turn off the plotter power. Popup menu quickly activates any layer for editing. Too good to be true?

The demo itself includes everything in the full MiniCad program except the ability to save, print, and use the clipboard. I think they might be out of my price range though. The link didn’t come through. Mp31100 automatically rescale to fit the layer scale. I am hoping that some Autocad pros here could offer some advice and opinions regarding pen plotters and their acquisition, set up and use.

I hope you will take the time to look at it. Units can be fractional or decimal feet and inches, me- ters, cm, mp3100 or whatever you want.

Rlteration [3 Resize Duplicate s H Scale: New Folder ] Delete J Moue I do have the complete user manual, which is cryptic in spots and dense everywhere.


Can Inkcut show them? Sincerely, Graphsoft Graphsoft Court Ave. Besides the zoom tools in the palette, MiniCad-f- offers a wide range of viewing options.

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Scale Objects H Scaling Factor: Each data box is appropriate for the kind of object being edited at the time. Edit in places where once it was taboo.

You will receive 2 sleeves, 1 sleeve sized to fit the “Fine Point” and 1 sleeve sized to fit the “Ul I’ll take a look. PCut, Mimaki Plotter Drawing.

MP Plotter by American Graphtec, Inc. Valuation Report by

Thanks for reading, and any ideas. Info on Intersections Architects work continually with double-line intersections.

Set your own angles, spacing, and grouping. Skip to main content. Lock filock 11 Use all colors if you have an expanded color video card.