This machine is all about enabling better usability, so it gives you the power to customize capabilities based on your needs Full EAX 4. Windows 7 Home Premium bit is the installed operating system. Probably the biggest speed improvement you can give your G51Jx. This first page of the thread will be regularly updated. There is some evidence amongst users that ‘software flash’ is les reliable.

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This machine is all about enabling better usability, so it gives you the power to customize capabilities based on your needs Full EAX 4. An Altec Lansing sound system provides crisp and clear audio output for a true multimedia experience. You can follow this guide meant for the G60Jx, which is almost identical to the G51Jx. This makes the G51Jx 3D very future-proof Power 4 Gear Hybrid and Extreme Turbo on G51Jx 3D open up quick, user-friendly overclocking and power management that make it possible to gain extra performance when facing tough challenges, or save on energy consumption when everything’s chill.

Donald HIDevolutionMay 28, What Notebook Should I Buy? Is the G51Jx suitable for gaming?

Discrete or outright courageous, you make the decision Large If you feel lucky, download here and post your experiences in this thread. Use the Chicony camera drivers, ours is the 2. Storage is handled by a GB rpm hard drive, giving you ample space for games bluetoogh media.


Asus G51Jx Owners Lounge

Our camera is the Chicony 2. The G51Jx has three antennas built in of which currently only 2 are used. No, this rate is fixed.

Is it useful upgrading the stock WiFi card? That’s an easy thing to do, just four 4 little mini-screws to attend to there and BAM! Some users suggest that a clean install of a retail copy of Windows 7 64 bit has made buetooth G51Jx faster, compared to the stock ASUS install of Windows 7 64 bit. Yep, me too, so I thought; let’s just blutooth going.

Are the speakers ok, I listen to a lot of music?

ROG G51Jx Driver & Tools | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS Global

G51Jx notebooks work wonders for every multimedia application, because with this much power overhead they can handle any content you throw at them, and the vivid, crisp Every move, shot, and explosion comes across full-bodied and convincing for an experience to really take you away The G51Jx 3D comes with the trademark Republic of Gamers illuminated chiclet keyboard, making it possible to game after dark with complete confidence while avoiding disturbance to others.

But I guess my temperatures don’t matter that much considering I’ll play crysis for an hour and the gpu will reach 85oC but never over. Of course that will only work if you are using a Chameleon bootloader.


Have to go 3rd party there You can upgrade the Hard drive, memory, optical blketooth and wireless card without voiding the warranty. After correct installation the driver is listed in Device Manager as this: ThaladarDec 26, at 3: Most users seem to agree that the standard 6 cell battery is too light for this power hungry notebook.

ASUS G51JX-X5 ” Notebook Computer G51JX-X5 B&H Photo

Extreme Turbo and the Power 4 Gear Hybrid engine drive through the biggest challenges with flying colors, boosting CPU clocks on demand or saving power when taking on more sedate tasks, all determined by users via a friendly interface.

Buy a Sold State Disk instead! The wave of the future is 3D, with more and more applications and content joining the trend. How is the G51Jx related to model G60Jx? If you still experience bluetooth failure please let us know about this in the thread, so we can warn others.

PrivateReidMay 29, You can try this: If you can, purchase the 9 cell variation. DDRspeed-latency-shootout Can I do upgrades without voiding the warranty?