View May 11, Then it worked in my OptiPlex Are you perhaps an Avatar that would perhaps provide spiritual advise as well? You will need to select the correct driver for your chipset. Thanks for the info. Thanks for this quick tip: View August 3,

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Great tutorial bro, Installed win xp sp2 running great, but problem arises that every time i switch on my PC optiplex i have to hit f12 to go to boot menu and select sata drive to startup win XP otherwise it gives an error that no boot drive found. Optiplez should get you back in to Windows normally.


Need to slipstream them with nlite. View August 11, View July 6, Thanks for the info.

Clever, but that requires ahfi working machine. View December 31, View June 11, Thanks buddy, I tried this thing on my Dell Optiplex and it worked.


View October 1, View December 27, Your instructions worked great, 9600 for the main drive, dvd and eSATA. View March 17, Trying to get Raid 1 working. Your help will be highly appreciated.

View November 20, And will it bring the Blue Screen in Future?

Install Windows XP on Dell Optiplex 755 / 760 / 960 without AHCI SATA Driver

View July 23, One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed. View August 4, View May 11, Figured restoring dell image would save me from having to do all this from scratch again…I guess not. Sata0, 1 ,2 and ESata enabled? The error code is b Download the correct AHCI driver from support. Can you tell me why please?

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Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. I found this blog post, by Wayne Zimmerman, which seems to be the correct solution. View March 8, View September 24, Tell me is it fine to leave it just the way it is or do i need to install the Sata Drivers.


View January 11, You can leave it in ATA mode, I am not sure how this impacts performance but I doubt it will cause any stability issues in the future. View November 5, Thanks for this quick tip: View August 12,