It weighs g, which is not far off the lightest ultraportable notebooks — although, of course, notebooks include the weight of a built-in keyboard. The R2H Port Bar connector can be used to attach an external hub that provides further interfaces. So much so, I’m very much considering purchasing one of these myself. The sleeve in which the R2H is protected is very sleek, even the Velcro won’t scratch, it is a unique design. The cool factor is high for having GPS, a web camera, wi-fi and Bluetooth all crammed into this pretty looking device. The caveat to saying any one piece of software is really great to use on the R2 is the fact the processor and sluggish performance could turn the application into a slog.

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PCMark05 was an agonizing 17 minute wait, while the R2H achieved marks. Lots of goodies come in the box with the R2H view large image. The left edge houses a fga USB connector, while the right edge carries another full-sized USB port, microphone and headphone ports, and the power connector.

ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC

Secure digital helps ASUS products work better together Intel,the Intel logo,the Centrino logo, and Centrino, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. I have tried all resolutions and they are all nice to read and use on, but I prefer the highest resolution.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. Right when you hold the R2H in your hands you can see and feel that the buttons are recessed, so that you don’t accidentally press them. Below that are the equivalent of right and left mouse buttons.


I think it might have something to do with all the interference from the internal workings of the R2H. Looking to the left of the screen, you have the finger print reader, left mouse click, right mouse click, D-Pad, a menu button which brings the user to a variety of ass, and a speaker. It also allows you to browse the hard drive of the R2 from your PC.

Other extras include a desktop stand that’s simply designed but extremely effective. During testing we found the R2H to be a capable and compelling system that has clearly been put together with some care and attention to detail.

Below that are buttons that serve as left and right mouse click buttons. It’s a fairly high-quality unit with asu QWERTY keys, and we found it comfortable enough for a limited amount of touch typing.

Overall this UMPC has good looks, has a zsus screen and exceptional quality.

ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC Review | ZDNet

The generous bundle of accessories supplied with the R2H includes a folding USB keyboard, similar to those available for handhelds.

There is no visible light leakage when the black screen saver came on, also the contrast seems good, the blacks are black and the whites are white.

The built-in kick stand makes it easy to stand the R2 up and face the user for easy tapping of the screen with the stylus view large image. To the right of the screen, at the top, there’s a thumb-driven mini-joystick with a push-to-select function. This is the most up to date chipset you can get and supposedly offers fast fix times, high sensitivity for locking satellites in urban areas and a low power drain on battery life. For the most accurate reading, the electronic imaging mechanism scans fingerprint pattern from the live layer of the skinbypassing any common skin surface conditions.


ASUS R2H – Тестирование. Детальный тест ASUS R2H.

Top of the R2 view large image. The Tablet PC Life. The R2H looks like it means business, and it certainly would not seem out of place in an office. The R2 is designed to be held by two hands at the same time.

The screen is matte and 7 inches in size, it is bright and there are 16 brightness levels. I was never able to acquire satellites from indoors by a window, but going up on the roof of a story building did eventually yield success in acquiring 5 satellites and a very precise location.

Right side view of the R2H view large image. I wish it was a faster and had a better CPU in there. After opening the main box, you get two more boxes and an instruction book view large image.

The R2H screen is 7″ diagonally and has a x native resolution. There is an integrated The left and right mouse button surrogates are above this navigation button, while below it is a button that fires up the Microsoft Touch Pack’s program launcher.