P I try your last package but i get a code 10 error during manual installation Here are id numbers: It is the same audio hardware as the Latitude E Your changes don’t actually affect the “beats” headphones, I have a pair and they sound the same before and after using this driver. Dell with vista all of sudden has high hiss from the mic with barely audible input from the mic. Kill all of the secondary features except Andrea noise cancellation, which I actually find useful for Skype on the rare occasion I use the built-in Mic.

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Still won’t work – even tried an earlier set,without success.

I had tried the SRS effects, and the audio didn’t much change even with the external speakers. Then I mw that Windows was a waste of time, but thats a different story. Sign in Already have an account? I did some investigation and determined that the reason for the quality loss was the “system effects” being turned on in the IDT driver.

I got all drivers working except this stupid audo card: The activity bar on the Recording tab is always dead for these two.

The Beats Control Panel is installed and uninstalled with the drivers Basically, if I didn’t understand something, I stripped it from my driver.

I can’t mw I notice the difference, but I want the opinion of others too. I listen to music much more on my pc, since I don’t want to buy another ipod touch really.


AM670 – Limitador Stereo tipo Fairchild con MS

Most of the drivers I modded for my own laptop before I released my current driver were based on HP drivers. I have never done anything with Beats or any of the other filters. These can be renamed, but if you encounter this please tell me what model of computer you have and how the inputs are mis-named. Dell with vista all of sudden has high hiss from the mic with barely audible input from the mic. Does not and will never support Windows XP.

The Dell version is the latest version available specifically for my model M, similar to Latitude Ebut the file works even though it is designed for HP. Posted September 4, Posted October 18, Posted October 13, I don’t want to steal Beats.

I guess I’ll have to learn more about this and mod the drivers myself. Register a new account. Volume control gets applied across both.

Posted September 3, edited. I will try to have the new version up by the end of the day audko Friday. Also, if you are trying to reproduce what I am talking about, you must turn off the audio effects completely in the playback devices control panel or just use my drivers. INI” Hope you can help as my current testing indicates that my problem is related to the apos which I do not fully understand and I liked your method of not installing them.


I had tried turning OFF all the audio effects and didn’t notice any difference in the audio quality, atleast in my Vaio FZ with the Stac card Equivalent.

Microstar PCI Riser Card Ms | eBay

Would it be possible to explain how to mod the 635 original HP drivers to work on my Dell Precision M? Hello, I’m using on a Vostro Win7 x64which has this string: A few of the lower-numbered INIs claim to have some beats functionality, but it seems to be limited to presets in the standard IDT control panel.

Here’s the device ID’s:. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Edited November 9, by erp-ster7n. I’m glad someone is working on making the latest drivers available to the masses, and I definitely think this is huge progress, but the distortion and lack of jack-sensing are deal-breakers for me.