The panel also provides access to an interesting function supported exceptionally by the E-WDM drivers of any EgoSys devices. Maya44 and Cubase 5. Audiotrak Maya44 Professional Sound Card. Flat, the clamped and plucked sound produced by the Live! We break it down.

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Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the preamp on another sample.

The trip-hop vocals’ croaking on the Live! By the way, the drivers of the SB Live!

Audiotrak Maya44 Professional Sound Card

In short, the Maya44 is able to cope with sound playback in modern games using software algorithms of the DirectSound API.

Conclusion The Audiotrak Maya44 is a high-quality professional sound card. The card will be an excellent choice audiotra for music listening CD, mp3 and for composing in professional sequencers and editors.

However, quick reswitching wasn’t so necessary, because it was clear that the compositions played on the SB Live! Apart from the 4-channel Maya44, Audiotrak offers the Maya 7.

AUDIOTRAK MAYA 44 USB – audio interface

The new drivers also take about KBytes. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: As a rule, such things bring in nothing good. The virtual tools with the sound tracks and the sound of the MS DirectMusic GM software synthesizer played flawlessly. In my opinion, the difference in the sound of mayq games between the Maya44 and SB Live! Flat, the clamped and plucked sound produced by the Live!


The Maya44 worked perfectly with the SB Live! The panel provides access to all card’s settings.


The tracks were played synchronously. The routing of virtual wave devices to real card’s outputs msya a bit too complicated: We found no problems or compatibility errors! Very good in detail On the whole, the results are quite good, especially taking into account the price.

When connecting the microphone the noise level added by the preamp is really high. Audotrak, the Maya44 copes excellently with modern games. Mobile by Shara Tibken Dec 6, Let’s connect the second output and the second input of the card without any additional processing: Accessories and drivers Msya set of accessories follows the principle of minimalism: Video 3Digests Video cards: The ASIO makes 6 devices available for recording and reproduction – 3 virtual ports of the Maya44, respectively.

The outputs of the card were connected to its inputs with a 20cm Proel’s microphone cable with gold-plated connectors.


It is not obligatory for a professional card to work correctly in applications it is not meant for.

If you understand how to do that, it takes no time. However, these results also include distortions from the microphone and headphone preamplifiers. The Maya44 copes excellently with recording of a guitar and a signal from an external synthesizer.

Fortunately, more and more ordinary users, not only musicians, turn their attention to such products, thus, preferring high-quality sound to low-grade multimedia stuff. Samsung and Qualcomm phone prototypes tease our 5G future But you still have to wait for the real thing. Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5,