Other Bluetooth software might work but is not supported. This article describes how to troubleshoot issues that you may experience when you use the Microsoft keyboards that are listed in the “Applies to” section. Using a passkey Always configure a passkey when pairing a keyboard or number pad to a computer. United Kingdom – English. For information about a problem with keyboard shortcut keys or volume keys, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

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Microsoft Windows detects the change, and then installs the drivers on the new port automatically. South Africa – English.

If the issue continues to occur, try connecting the keyboard to a different computer. The Bluetooth program is usually found either in Control Panel or the Settings mazprint.

Troubleshoot wired keyboards that don’t respond or that type wrong characters

Click the Wireless tab, and then click Connect. Keuboard will help you establish the Bluetooth pairing. Plug your device into the correct port. Some Bluetooth keyboard models include transceivers with buttons on them to make it easier to pair the device to the computer. After typing the passkey, you must press Enter on the keyboard or number pad to complete the pairing.

The way that you specify a passkey depends on the Bluetooth program on your computer.


[Bug ] ABNT2 keyboard layout: numpad “.” key, no scancode and ignored interruption.

The exact verbiage may vary slightly between Bluetooth programs and versions. For more information about pairing these keyboards to your computer, see the Bluetooth Connection Guide maxprinnt the documentation included with your Bluetooth program. Tell us what we can maxpriny to improve the article Submit. Note On your computer, open the Bluetooth program. Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. Check all the keyboard’s plugs to make sure that there are no loose connections.

There are several versions of Bluetooth programs that help you connect your device to your Bluetooth wireless transceiver. Always configure a passkey when pairing a keyboard or number pad to a computer. If the keyboard functions correctly on a different computer, the port to keyboars the keyboard was connected on the original computer may be damaged.

Shut down the computer.

See the documentation that was included with your computer or contact the computer manufacturer for information on how to use their program. Note If your computer cannot detect a Bluetooth transceiver, the Bluetooth software will not be available in the Windows menus.

[Bug 218660] ABNT2 keyboard layout: numpad “.” key, no scancode and ignored interruption.

Download and install the latest keyboard software To download the latest drivers for the keyboard that you are using, visit the following Microsoft hardware Web site: Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Indonesia Bahasa – Bahasa. When you use a wired keyboard, you may experience one or more of the following problems: If this is the case, and the warranty on the keyboard is still valid, you can exchange the defective keyboard for a new keyboard.


When you type the passkey, you will not see feedback on the screen. Conte-nos o que podemos fazer para melhorar o artigo Enviar. Follow the instructions in the wizard to connect your device. The keyboard shortcuts do not work. If your computer includes a built-in Bluetooth transceiver, you may be able to use it to connect your keyboard without using a Microsoft USB transceiver.

United States – English. Toshiba Bluetooth software is known to work in maxpring cases. When the light on top of the device blinks red and green, the device is discoverable to other Bluetooth devices for 2 minutes.

Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. If this is the case, contact your computer manufacturer to inquire about how to repair or replace the damaged port.