Find More Posts by RotaryEvolution. ALSO leave the battery in the stock location and if you must relocate it run all wires through the engine bay back through the fire wall up high staying committed to the exact same setup as stock with simply a long positive wire and a ground to one of the thick seat belt holder spots in the back. Ok what is AST and where would you get upgraded twins? Its a drop in plug in sensor and should return much driveability in hot weather. Thanked 10 Times in 9 Posts. If you suck on it too hard per say, it’ll get stuck and you’ll break the nozzles.

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If I get an intake or exhaust, I’ll boost spike. Don’t forget, oil is both a lubricating os1 a cooling fluid. You bought a car with say 20k miles on it and it needs nothing.

Originally Posted by mbaldwin. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. The engine bay looks factory! From behind the wheel, what is not to like? The end result is a car that really speaks to you in the corners. Now if only I can get my brother’s good tuning to rub off on me a bit: This should’ve been le1 in the owner manual.


The reliable daily driven FD recipe (for beginners)

Coupled with an AiM race dash, you can readily monitor all the cars vitals. Love these, still kicking myself for not buying one.

Low mileage good engine harness Fuel pulsation dampener, fuel hose, engine harness Its a drop in plug in sensor and should return much driveability in hot weather. Even the glass has been improved with a polycarbonate rear windscreen. I’m not afraid to drive 45 min to the mall and then sit in the parking lot for 5 min with my hood open before I go inside. With the GTO, I could shift from rpm or occasionally skip gears and still feel reasonably quick. Hope the new RX-7 RX-9?

December daiky, at 3: The salesman had to help me get back out.

LS1 RX7 FC V8 vs whp Cobra street race drag – video dailymotion

To check if your nozzles are functional, one of the vacuum lines running to your primary turbo inlet pipe is the breather line for them. The 3k rpm stutter is still a thorn in my side — PFC some day; I’ll let you know when I’m in the market. Originally Posted by MazdaSpeedDan.

When I saw this RX-7 from afar for the first time, I knew it was something special.


All my maintenance discipline has trickled from my work on Fs to my personal work on my car. And beyond the time, there is dqily a cost to tracking down every last adapter, nut, and bolt required to make things go smoothly. Every so many years one of the “older hands” lends a hand. The factory ECU runs mildly richer for both emissions and safety ls. It sits there nicely, just waiting for its owner to take it for a stroll.

LS1 RX7 FC V8 vs 500whp Cobra street race drag

It also is a more difficult car to enjoy or achieve good laps in most venues. A Honda S antenna replaces the factory one that shipped with the car, just to name one such item. December 28, at 5: My dialy purchase for my 7 will be a raily reacting IAT sensor from wannaspeed.

I wish I had the sequential still, as the previous owner removed it. The simple 5-spoke wheels look so right on these older Japanese cars; especially in this particular color scheme. Originally Posted by RotaryEvolution.