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Kensington Ci60 Optical DiamondEye Wireless Mouse | eBay

Invite friends and family to GadgetSpeak Why not invite friends or family to join in the fun? Top reads Invite a friend! This technology does require a receiver which, in this case, is a small USB device that can be connected direct to a USB port or positioned in a convenient location using the supplied cm extension cable. The Ci60 uses QuickRT wireless technology to provide the means for the mouse to communicate with the computer.

No comments on this article. Featuring rubber grips for enhanced comfort and the accuracy of an optical interface, this mouse is a great wireless option for your kensjngton. What’s your experience of this product? The grey flashes on the sides of the Ci60 are of a darker shade while this mouse also bears a Diamond Eye Precision tag on the left side. Be the first to review this item.

Wireless Interface The wireless interface allows you to use your mouse krnsington having to worry about the cord getting caught or tangled.


Kensington Ci60 Optical DiamondEye Wireless Mouse

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The reason for this discourse on the importance of a mouse is a way of introducing yet another model to the already large assortment that I have covered previously. Do not include any HTML. Rubber is also used to provide a soft grip on either side opyical the mouse.

Reviews by related category Keyboards and Mice Kensington. Published June 5, Author mfereday. The positioning of these two buttons also makes this mouse really unsuitable for left handed use. This number did not include any mice that were part of a desktop set a mouse and keyboard sold mousd a single package.

The standard two buttons separated by the useful wheel are all constructed of a rubber substance. Member prize-draws Real reviews – by real people Membership is free Email summary of the weeks reviews Share your product feedback with others Keep in touch with all that’s new in gadgets Full of great ideas as the Christmas deadline looms! We’re opticao about this but we need to do this to prevent our site being abused by people looking for free advertising!

Bush Soundbar with S Agree or disagree, or just have a question?

PC and Macintosh Compatible The mouse is fully compatible with both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, allowing you to go wireless on whichever platform you use. Power for the mouse comes from two AA batteries which are included as part of the package. Write a review xrqfvsqbzvzrwsuycra.


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Start inviting your friends along! The connection between the receiver and mouse is activated by pressing a button on the base of the mouse and one, coloured red, on the receiver.

Help us make GadgetSpeak the place to come for free and impartial reviews of the latest gadgets! You will be able to make fine adjustments with the optical precision that you just won’t find in a ball mouse. No Longer Available Update Location close. Two additional buttons are located on the left side of the mouse where there are ideally situated for a right handed users to activate with a thumb. Really I should not have been surprised by this number as I appreciate how important this input device is in the role its plays within a computer set up and the need for users to have a choice that suits their particular needs.

Come along and join in the fun! This freedom makes the mouse easier to use and ideal for such intense activities as computer gaming as well as fine detail work such as photo editing.