Items written while connectivity is off will be treated as follows: After the first sync, it is recommended to change the option to future sync or date range. Once you have verified your desktop application is supported, it is time to configure your settings. Resources linked from this page may no longer be available or reliable. No synchronisation gprs lowercase connectivity:

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How to transfer BlackBerry calendar to iPhone?

When you place a blackberty mark in the Calendar box, you will see the list of installed applications which are compatible: Otherwise Configure PIM is greyed out.

Find us on youtube. Once connected, select Organizer on the left menu. After a short while you will see the message Network selection succeeded. Last modified on To do so just follow the steps from the article below: This article explains how to transfer the BlackBerry calendar to iPhone.

Wireless Calendar and Contact synchronization may be available for select email accounts using supported device software. It is not necessary to turn off your Blackberry while flying.

Itnellisync can do two way sync, or one directional from either the BlackBerry smartphone only or the desktop program only. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.

To remove Hold, click jogdial, then click Hlackberry. If you plan to put entries in both your BlackBerry smartphone and your desktop application, two way sync is what you want to select. A s competition for dominance in the e-mail push and application sync technology market heats up, recent South African stats show Intellisync to be dominating the South African market over BlackBerry, by almost double.


Synchronizing your BlackBerry Smartphone Data | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

If you do not feel comfortable editing the registry, do not attempt these instructions. Verify that your BlackBerry smartphone is showing as connected — you should see an image intelllisync the one at the top of this post. Even though both offerings are very capable, we feel intlelisync Intellisync has picked up more of the market because of the wider range of devices supported for mobile e-mail, wider range of sync solutions for different types of mobile applications, as well as the far more aggressive pricing strategy.

When you have made the desired selection, select Next. To make a teleconference While you have two calls active, click jogdial, then click Join.


How to fix BlackBerry Desktop Software sync issues. Now that you have all the applications configured, you are ready to hit the Sync in the bottom corner and transfer all your data to and from your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer!

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. This will bring up the Intellisync window where the intellisynx step is to configure each application you want to synchronize.


Impact to BlackBerry Desktop Software

If you experience sync errors, please consult the following troubleshooting article: Next transfer your Outlook calendar to iPhone The final step is to transfer the Outlook calendar containing your BlackBerry events to the iPhone. Import Outlook calendar to iPhone.

After this tap on OK: Issued blackbfrry LayerOne Johannesburg, 30 May The final step is to transfer the Outlook calendar containing your BlackBerry events to the iPhone. Memos, Contacts and Tasks will synchronise with Lotus Notes as normal during the next cable contact to your desktop.

All can be used and all will be offered when you make a call or SMS.

Select the desktop application you want to use, then select Next. This does not happen over GPRS. You need to select translators for the applications to be synchronized.

LayerOne expects this number would have been far higher if it had also released a consumer service to the South African market.