AppleScript to the rescue! So, I need to make sure I have the driver installed and ready to use in the existing installation of OS X prior to cloning it over to the new drive. My purchase is listed on my Intech account, so, even on their website, I’m considered to be a legitimate customer, eligible for an update. On the other hand, I am often downloading ISO files of Linux distros, trial versions of software, and free or open source software, all of which can be pretty large at times. The only real disadvantage to this approach is that you will occasionally come across servers that are not configured properly and will give you a window of garbled text instead of downloading to a file unless you Ctrl-click the link and choose “Download Linked File As The only thing left to do is remove the guide rail from the other side of the drive.

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Click here to review our site terms of use. This is the only reliable info in the source of the intch at this point without using some perl scripts, so I decided to keep it easy.

Network Attached Storage Cube

The old driver csp compatible. I fired up Disk Utility and set the drive to 2 partitions. That is fine if you do a lot of Torrent downloads, but what about the normal, yet large, downloads we go through all the time?

Get the content of the message body and set that as the URL for downloading Tell Safari to open the URL, which causes Safari to beginng downloading to the downloads folder I have specified in the settings You can see the specifics of this process in the script itself. The first was designated to have This year, I am on another mission to save a particular Mac from the dust bins, but this time the project is both practical and attractive.


I had planned to use a firewire drive, but then I’d lose the elegance of inhech small-footprint, 3 cord solution power, ethernet, APC USB cable. After removing that, the IDE cable and molex connector can be unplugged from the back of the hard drive.

The only one I opted out of was “Device Tuner” because its Info panel stated that it is unsupported. The only additional software requirement was a VNC server so that it would be possible to access the desktop over the network xap this runs headless.

It requests a password, then opens up to a small window that lets you choose a drive and click “Extend Capacity Now”. I figured for 25 bucks it might be worth getting rid of the FireWire case and trying out. AppleScript to the rescue!

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver for Mac – Free download and software reviews – CNET

I’m still hopeful that tech support or anyone at the company will get back to me but I’m not optimistic. The second partition set the remainder of the drive as free space. Who uses os 9 anymore? At first, I was disappointed because I had hoped to have one large contiguous chunk of storage space so I could avoid having to manage free space – which was causing me to procrastinate in doing my backups.

Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: Using any other means, I’d have to keep checking the file size to see when it stopped going up to know for sure that it was finished.

My final touch is to rename the main partition from Cube2 to Cube now that Atta am sure that this is all finished and I will not need to redo anything.


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Here are my Login Items This installer also requests a restart before using the tools, so I went ahead and restarted since I intend to give their cloning tool a chance to prove its worth. Network Attached Storage Cube [originally submitted to the MacMod contest in ] Those who are familiar with my modding career know that I have 3 fetishes when it comes to modding.

I let it run overnight, so I can’t say how long it took, but when I came back to it, I found a dialog stating that the backup had completed successfully. They took my money for the software. I have used the Speed Tools Hi-Cap driver since Here’s what my happy little Cube is up to most of the time. This Cube is running a basic install of OS X So, my blind trust in Intech’s tools paid off and I can say I am a happy customer.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

Remember that I was already using this machine as a NAS, so this tutorial is not about setting up every suppkrt from scratch, but rather taking an existing install and cloning it over to a new large drive and then taking advantage of the additional size using the Intech software.

I had a similar problem as an earlier review.

Personally, I do not get into Torrents as they are generally used for the types of things I rarely download, and the speed can be atrocious if it is not a popular file. It has several benefits. I’d recommend finding another product that does the same thing.