Here is a short description from that review on what heatpipe technology is: The manufacturers listed above now produce individual designs with the emphasis on effective and efficient cooling. What taste did it leave in our mouths? However, their implementation was, putting it nicely, not good at all. To put it simply, there is so much exchanging and switching of electricity going on inside the core of your video card that massive amounts of heat is given off. At an angle the two cards are pretty even, and depending on how you are inclined the NVIDIA card might be given the edge, but it’s Nickels and Dimes as opposed to the differences in drawing horizontal lines. What was the best tech product of ?

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Here is a short description from that review on what heatpipe technology is: That brings us to cost.

Review: ABIT OTES GeForce FX MB – Graphics –

As most of you probably already know the more transistors in a piece of silicon you have, the more heat it is going to put off. Here’s a pic of Gainward’s CoolFX watercooled graphics card. The high performance fragment shader pipeline and vast amount of texture memory allow for a new level of detail and realism.

Global illumination combined with soft shadows provide for a more realistic lighting environment. GeForce FX Ultra. The heatsink is very large but actually made up of light weight aluminum so that it creates less strain on the GPU and PCB. Either to make something easier such as pioneering jumperless motherboards or making voltage changes easily accessible in the BIOS or catering features directly for the hardcore community with overclocking in mind.


otws Graphics card cores and structures may change, but we see the usual suspects adding new cards and dispensing with antiquated models.

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. The cards’ power and rendering ability has increased almost exponentially over the past few years, but the usual suspects have been quick to bring out their own version of NVIDIA’s GPUs.

Watch the sun rise and set over the desert landscape and the abandoned gas station. Heat Pipe technology is one avenue that has been explored.

Click to find out more. Let’s see how it compares to the competition using current games. It was an extremely fc5900 GPU. There are also four blue LED that light up this whole system when the computer is on. Their goal is to provide the gamer with better cooling that gives more overclocking options and a more silent computing environment.

The first thing you notice is the clear air duct system that has pieces overlapping each other in an accordion fashion.

GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

What taste did it leave in our mouths? Not only that, but our unit overclocked very well.

Heat is absorbed in the evaporating section causing the fluid to come oted a boil, which turns into vapor. Observe the sky as it brightens, changes color, and fades with the movement of the sun, and look for changing shapes in the clouds. ABIT claims that this cooling solution only puts out 25 decibels of sound, making for a very quite fan compared to some other solutions. The heatsink has large channels so ltes the airflow can move efficiently.


The cooling solution may stretch the boundaries of single slot cooling and the rear fan can cause problems with certain Northbridge heatsinks mainly those that are angledit still keeps the card very cool – 31C after 3 hours of testing. Heat is then released from the upper part of the cylinder and the vapor condenses to a liquid.

OTES technology is still present with a two slot design providing heatpipe technology to draw the heat to the fins where the fan blows the heat outside of the case, helping to keep the inside of your case cooler.

It’s certainly sweeter than the NV30, however we’ve already gone into detail about the black hole that is the NV30 in some detail. It now seems that producing homogeneous cards, based largely on Flextronics’ reference design for NVIDIA, isn’t enough to satiate most end users. Her hair is comprised entirely of geometry and is only possible due to the high-performance vertex shaders of the GeForce FX GPUs.

[H]ardOCP: ABIT Siluro FX OTES Review

But is not bad good enough at this price point? The liquid then returns by gravity to the lower part of the cylinder. However, their implementation was, putting it nicely, not good at all. And remember it does take up two slots.