Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s We had a good chance to look inside the drive: Some time ago we tested Toshiba’s drive and today we have a long awaited multiformat DVD recorder from Plextor. It’s really good for watching movies as it eliminates noise, but it’s inconvenient for making backup copies.

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Writing quality tests – updated. However, optimistic announcements for fast optical storage solutions based on high frequency laser technologies i.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted In short, it measures quality of audio data extraction and quality of C2 error processing with a special test disc. More importantly, the drive does not come with Plextor’s PlexTools software, useful for tweaking esoteric drive features such as PowerRec and tray-eject speed. Protected Disc Tests 7. The PXA has svdr full complement of features.

Plextor PXA |

The drive has a pack of features traditional for all Plextor’s optical drives. Apart from the issue of one DVD recording format dominating over another, the highest currently offered recording speed is definitely of a primary interest to most end users.


The Bad No drive-to-sound-card cable.

For reference reasons, we post the following pictures. Nero and other programs support this feature as well. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. The 708x mini jack for headphones or powered speakers allows you to listen audioCDs. Leave this field blank.

More information about text formats. Verbatim 4X Verbatim – 9: We had a good chance to look inside the drive: The performance story is cvdr and sweet: Most of the Plextor users already know the VariRec feature, which can be applied during the creation of audio CD-R discs.

Red laser DVD recording has already gone mainstream and will probably stay on the scene for at least a couple of years more. But you can use the DVD Region free program which fully controls the regional protection. The one you’ve been waiting for.

Plextor PXA DVD±RW/DVD±R Drive Review

First of all we tested drive’s compatibility with the discs from non-brandname companies. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: A concisely written, printed quick-reference guide provides an excellent overview of the setup process, and the comprehensive printed manual supplies the details.

The first to be tested are DVD-R discs as they are produced by a great number of various companies, and 708q often have writing problems. Rainier format that is why we additionally tested its operation with CD-RW drives in this format.


Plextor PX-708A

It also works excellently with multiborder DVD media. CD-RW drive Formatting time min. The drive successfully recognized and recorded most of them, in particular, it perfectly deals with Princo 4x DVD-R media and burns 1x discs from Princo, Mirex, Digitex at 2x. Taking into account this, we might easily conclude that the technology underlying magnetic storage media such as hard disks has overcome the corresponding progress in the optical storage area.

Now let’s use other utilities to get more information on the drive; for example, Nero Infotool, which tells what formats and disc types the drive supports: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Faster and less buggy than previous versions, we can finally say that we like the software.