The Remote Sound feature allows users to enjoy one-way sound from their host computers to their client devices like your client computer or mobile devices. This same query has already been posted here: Thanks for sharing it. Oct 13, 9: Please note that it is not available for Macs. I spent way too much time looking through preferences where I expected to find an Enable Remote Sound checkbox , then support, then the forums, all in vain. Yes please – please, please, please.

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LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

Oct 13, 9: Ever since i did this, when i log in to the computer Logmein no longer takes control of the audio. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Soujd.

In rare cases GoToMyPC sund detect the loopback input correctly and, therefore, cannot test the sound output. Have sound option settings been added?

To reactivate the Sound feature, clicking the Sound button in the upper-right corner of the Viewer window twice. After disconnection, the music will no longer be muted and could be heard by anyone close to your host PC.


Newer versions of GoToMyPC work with a wide variety of sound card types, but there may be a few compatibility issues:. Tim Woolf Tim Woolf. Automatically disable sound if my Internet connection is slow: Use High Quality Sound: Modify your sound preferences Click the Sound button in the upper right-hand corner of the Viewer window. I am also using the Android app and this suffers much the same problem and soynd option in the settings menu doesn’t really make sense.

After disconnection, the music will no longer be muted and could be heard by anyone close to your host PC. Manually select the loopback input from the drop-down menu in the Sound Preferences window. Is disqble any movement in resolving this issue? I’m having the same issue and getting nowhere with the normal support channels. Thanks for sharing it. Disables any sounds form your host PC to optimize performance.

What steps can I take to Troubleshoot Remote Sound issues?

Getting started Community guidelines. I’m sounnd this has made for quite a few startling and eerie events when people unknowingly restore sound to far away host computers.

Thanks for your very specific suggestions. How can we help you? Posted on Nov 29, 8: But it’s also frustrating not to find the option in preferences, where users expect it.


I spent way too much time looking through preferences where I expected to soujd an Enable Remote Sound checkboxthen support, then the forums, all in vain. This option automatically disables the Sound feature if a slow network connection is detected. I apologize if there was some confusion. Mute speakers while in-session: I’ll lose listeners if I do.

I am starting a new thread in Pro as previous bumps have not worked and there are paying users who would like this fixed. Everytime I attempted to use the Pro Version, the audio card interaction with the Radio programming software would logmien unstable within a day.

Nohano- are you sure you’re not a software developer? One possible solution would be a checkbox in preferences to enable remote sound, with disablf next to it to enable host sound. This is a minor inconvenience, having to clear two pop-ups when I log in, but it’s untidy and annoying.

Logmein was locking me out of Pro Tools.