Attempted to install VIA Rhine driver, and adapter was recognized If you have an old Compaq Computer with a sound card, see if it has one of these sound cards. Leopard WIFI drivers now available here! Tested with Logic 8 Pro, iTunes, Quicktime, etc — all working flawlessly. Use the method stated here with the GT Download Template.

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Make sure you have voodoo kernel 9.

As a side note, this card works perfectly in Vista x64 as well, n-mode all the way! After each reboot you must reconnect manually. No, audio,sata and AMD patch 1 used, but all required patches apart from audio already on digicon.

Use also LS8v12 kext patch installer for this board for optimal performance. It use RTL chipset.

blue tooth usb digicom: usb bluetooth digicom | digicom palladio bluetooth usb |

No follow instructions here [24]. Both Working on all Cannot access RAID even after installation.


Used the installer from this postDont use Kalyway Combo Update A modem 1ff7 CVT Electronics. Works out of the box SATA: But i did download 4 gb torrents just fine But if you have problems you can use this Kext [7].

Driver Palladio Bluetooth – meterzips

Only tested with Vanilla 4Gb ram with no problem. Works with Kext but, may works out of the box. Had to add Natit.

Installed using IDE Drive. Cheap sound solution for laptop users whose sound chip is not supported by OSX.


Card works if you use the drivers here Palladio Nitsuko 0aaf Digitalway Co. Minor graphics glitches, mainly related to mouse cursor. This is for Intel Pentium D Smithfield 2. Mic works iMovie, but video doesnt you can still recored in quicktime or photo-booth and import. Everything works OOB during and after install – some usb devices may palladoi work in attached usb ports Works out of the box IDE: See NVinject forums for info.

New Drivers  CX2388X TV DRIVER

Tested with Logic 8 Pro, iTunes, Quicktime, etc — all working flawlessly.

Sleep gives a blank blackunresponsive screen. Onboard GMA doesn’t work due to being too old for leopard. Receiver d Try Corp. Both DVI ports recognized; have not tested dual monitor. Both working Requires MBR. Works with the driver, available for download here.

Gordon Electronic Design, Inc. Bought board for compatibility – was not disappointed.