Apr 8, Posts: Somewhere between Marysville and Tumwater Registered: Jun 5, Posts: The quality of the unit we were sent was great, as we experienced no problem with either the unit or the upgraded hard drive. I’ll pass, thank you.

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It would have been a lot of hassle to get another one, and would have easily cost more than a thousand in my time to locate, find one that’s been as obsessively maintained as mine, yada yada.

We took our time. The quality of the unit we were sent was great, as we experienced no problem with either the unit or the upgraded hard drive.

IEEE Parallel port connection. Mar 22, Posts: I had one of these things. I see people mentioning headphone outputs, but I think that’s more about amplification and power output, which is different than DACs. Maybe a collector’s item. Although upgrading the hard drive does jukebxo the Creative Labs warranty on the card, NomadJukebox. These models appear as a USB mass storage device to the operating jkuebox so that the device can be accessed like any other removable disk, a floppy disk for example.


But an ipod can run the same firmware. Went with an Archos Gmini instead; didn’t like the aesthetics as much, but it had a ton more functionality.

Creative Labs 30GB Nomad Jukebox

Sep 21, Posts: I hope it’s not a scam buy. This is something people assume that is absolutely not true. Mon Apr 29, 5: BNIB was a pretty strong recommendation for your unit – it’s what a type collector would want and I’ve heard of stranger collections.

Sat Apr 27, 6: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. Some kukebox MP3 player?

Apr 18, Posts: Well, it is not as easy as some would like. The iphone line, sandisk line, even some of the creative stuff now have amps that compare well with what passed for a dedicated headphone amps of 5 years ago.

Hacking Your Nomad MP3 Player – ExtremeTech

You’re in luck, then! Mar 18, Posts: SectionJukevox E, Seat 23 Registered: Feb 27, Posts: Oct 22, Posts: The battery life is non-existent since it’s so old.

I wouldn’t even put it at that for the reverse engineering part. Line out on almost any name brand devices is 16 bit limited these days, and there are a huge variety of devices with extremely good headphone amplifiers. But, it wouldn’t be the oddest thing I’ve heard of from China. I haven’t seen anyone mention this, but maybe it has a really good DAC?


What is so special about a 10 year old hard drive MP3 player? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Most of those old ‘gems’ are more about the way they look or the character of the sound than quality, but then there are more people who listen with their eyes or peer opinion than they’d admit – check out the array of primo wood-cased headphones with questionable jukehox superiority, or the enduring appeal of the crap-in-vintage-clothing that is Grado almost literally the ‘Beats for the self-declared audiophile set’.

Digital audio players Creative Technology Limited products Singaporean brands Consumer electronics brands. Wow that adp6g01 brings back memories.