This is a very wide range, and extends quite a bit lower than most other digital cameras. As mentioned earlier though, you may need to wait a few seconds after making a change, as there seems to be a slight time lag built into the camera’s autoexposure circuitry. This lets you capture pictures that you otherwise couldn’t, but at the cost of increased “noise” in the image. The “Past” mode can be a real boon, if you’re trying to catch a fleeting event or expression, and don’t have the reflexes of Superman: In fact, they’ve once again gone one better than anyone else, allowing you to actually view panoramas you’ve shot directly within the camera! The QV allows panoramas to be captured with the camera oriented either vertically or horizontally.

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It offers a number of features and capabilities that simply aren’t available anywhere else in the market the unique timed exposure modes, and its slick support for panorama imagesand its image quality is quite respectable as well. Take q look at the test images from the QVor jump to the Comparometer tm page to compare its reference images to those from other digital cameras. The QV’s “Future” mode is the same trick in reverse: In this mode, the LCD panel acts as a viewfinder, but also gives you some information on camera settings: Casio has taken this capability to new heights with the QV, allowing you to cut-out one image in any of several different shapes and overlay it on another; change the color of an image; acsio an image in the display, filling the sides of the horizontal frame with any of a choice of colors; or add titles to your images.

In the case of the QV though, we feel it deserves special mention, since it is so fast compared to other popular cameras.

Casio QV-770

Alternatively, you can manually select a fixed white balance to compensate for incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight lighting. In playback mode, panorama images are identified by an icon at the top of the image.


Even here though, Casio goes the conventional approach one or two better, with three different options: They’ve also tweaked the “past” and vasio modes a bit, shifting the sequence of 4 frames slightly back or forward, so that the shutter release either ends or begins the sequence, instead of the 1-frame “overhang” the previous model provided. Explore the links at the bottom of this page, to see how well the QV performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.

Designed to be held primarily by your right hand, the most often-used controls are readily qg under either your thumb or forefinger, and a row of buttons along the cxsio of the rear-mounted LCD screen control less common functions.

Test Results As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own cawio be the judge of how well the devices performed: The “mode” button takes the place of the top-panel rotary switch on the QV, cycling through available image-recording modes when the camera is in record mode. To review your images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “menu” button.

QV-770 Manual

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. This tendency was more evident in strong highlights, but we found we could generally compensate fairly well by using the manual exposure compensation to bring down the overall exposure level one notch. Indicators in the upper left-hand corner show the flash mode no icon means auto-flashcasi whether or not the lens is set to macro mode.

For casual one-on-one sharing, the built-in LCD screen is often sufficient. The problem seems to involve the balance between room light, light from the flash, cqsio the assumptions the camera’s white-balance circuitry is making about the light source.

New Drivers  ALC888 64 BIT DRIVER

We vacillate somewhat though, as to how frequently the typical user will take advantage of this capability. Misc by Wayne Cunningham Apr 7, Like any other auto-exposure system, that cxsio the QV is prone to being “fooled” by unusual lighting conditions, such as a bright subject against a dark background, or strong backlighting.

In their earlier QV, Casio found a truly useful space to inhabit, between the static world of still images and the flowing world of multimedia. We’ve mentioned this ability earlier, and the concept of using the camera as a presentation tool. At closest approach, it captured an area as small as 4. In the QV, Casio has taken this concept farther, now allowing you to capture entire “movies” of as many as 32 frames, taken at 0.

Misc Sep 13, Of course, there are downsides to LCD viewfinders too: The big challenge in creating panoramas is to have all the initial images line up properly, and include enough overlap between them to allow the software to smoothly blend from one image to the next.

Digital cameras data sheet – Casio QV

770 can this be? ColorDesk’s claim to fame is more extensive image manipulation, and a special color-matching system to insure good-looking printouts. LCDs are also famous for their power consumption, meaning that near-continuous usage as a viewfinder can lead to short battery life. Two of these frames are held in memory at any time, and are saved as q as you press the shutter. The lens uses a switchable iris, with two fixed aperture settings. In practice though, we found the steps between compensation levels weren’t uniform, sometimes making it difficult to achieve exactly the exposure we were trying for.