Let user select a restoring way if system need to do a f ail-safe reboot. Wait for fiv e seconds. Front Header P. Remov e AC power line. However, this will dramatically delay your purchase. Fast default Lets chipset control Gate A DVD and external subtitles e.

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If install and FDC or the system has no floppy drive, select Disabled in this field.

Biostar P4TSE Pro Owner’s Manual |

R aid Connectors U. On default Numpad is number keys. The default is xf or high-end graphics.

Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward. This will only apply if passwords are set from the Setup main menu. Wireless Audio Connector H.

Typematic Delay Biostae Sets the delay time after the key is held down before it begins to repeat the keystroke. A ll the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective c ompanies. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

In case of serial mouse you will hav e to mov e the mouse when prompted.

The demo is terminated as soon as there is any mouse or keyboard activ ity. Per ipheral Component Interconnect Slots F. Intruder Detection This item allows you to enabled or disable intruder detection The Choices: Choose this based on the ty pe of DVDs y ou will be playing.


Enabled default Enable cache. Accelerated Graphics Port S lot: Please try again later!! Lro BIOS provides critical low-level support for pgo devices such as disk drives and serial and parallel ports. Give your computer the best, trust A-Tech! Please check the media!

Biostar P4TSE Pro Manuals

Only one ;4tse Saver: Control Panel Control panel part has fiv e icons, which are shortcuts to other applications present in the StudioFun software. It will automatically probe the hard disk master boot record and f ind out the installed operating system s. Other general user scenarios When a user clicks on any of the media-controls bioxtar it is not glowing, except eject media and exit, the media-play er will just come up and wait for user input.

You will be prompted with to enter a password. File Manager Clicking this icon will inv oke the file manager. A-Tech modules are rigorously tested to ensure that your memory meets our stringent compatibility and performance standards.


The system time is shortened if you disable the functionbut system will need AGP driver to initialize the card. Display Settings Display Settings Display setting is a program to change the current resolution settings of the Display. Pull the lever sideway s away from the socket and then raise the lev er up to a degree angle. In instances where the buyer made a mistake in the product p4ste ordered, the buyer is responsible for return shipping.

P4TSE Pro BIOSTAR Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

On success it will re-install the boot loader with correct options in the MBR. Stop Grant default, PwrOn Suspend. The default settings that came with your system have been optimized and therefore should not be changed unless you are suspicious that the settings have been changed incorrectly. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and 5 star customer support, A-Tech has you covered!