Voltage Panel Click the Voltage button in Main Panel, the button will be highlighted and the Voltage Panel will slide out to up as the following figure. Enabled default , Disabled USB 2. The IDE connectors can connect a master and a slave drive, so you can connect up to two hard disk drives. Whenever the Tray Icon utility is launched, it will display a little tray icon on the right side of Windows Taskbar. Video Off In Suspend This determines the manner in which the monitor is blanked. Power Management Setup This submenu allows you to configure the power management features. Disabling this option reduces the time it takes to boot-up.

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When this area is reserved it cannot be cached. Item Options Date mm: There are four options of Power Management, three of which have fixed mode settings Min. The following table provides more detail about how to navigate in the Setup program by using the keyboard. Back up data and applications files.

Enabled default Enable cache.


Disabled default Virus protection is disabled. Half defaultFull.

Swap Floppy Drive For systems with two floppy drives, this option allows you to swap logical drive assignments. Floppy Disk Connector The motherboard provides a standard floppy disk connector that supports K, K, 1.

Biostar GV Micro drivers

The cool Hardware Monitor smartly indicates the temperatures, voltage and CPU fan speed as well as the chipset information. Make a bootable floppy disk.

A confirmation message will be displayed before defaults are set. Typematic Delay Msec Sets the delay time after the key is held down before it begins to repeat the keystroke.

Reset your desired password or clear the CMOS data. This PCI slot is designated as 32 bits.

After confirmed, please follow steps below to relief the CPU protection function. State after power on. With a user-friendly Status Animation, it can represent 3 overclock percentage stages: Video Jicro Method This option determines the manner in which the monitor is goes blank.

All the CMOS data will be loaded as defaults setting. User Defined default Allows you to set each mode individually.

Biostar 865GV Micro 478 7.x Video Driver

Confirmation message will be displayed before proceeding. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining bioostar outward. Click on each device driver to launch the installation program. System will boo-up to DOS prompt. Sleep and Suspend power management modes are supported. System will update BIOS automatically and restart. When you see the following dialog in setup procedure, it means setup is completed.


Enabled for Windows XP and Linux 2. Suspend Mode When enabled and after the set time of system inactivity, all devices except the CPU will be shut off. By SPD defaultManual.

Biostar 865GV Micro 478 Drivers

Make sure power cable is securely plugged in. If the following message is shown after boot-up the system, it means the BIOS contents are corrupted. Enabled Enable the function. This field applies only when synchronous DRAM is installed in the micor.