I have a old Pentium 2 computer I going to have fun with till co-worker said he had an old computer that was taking up space in his shop it was a AMD K6. It was possible to emulate an FPU in software but of course it was terribly slow. Some motherboard companies such as Gigabyte and FIC provided BIOS updates for their desktop motherboards to allow for usage of these processors; for other officially not supported mainboards, the community created unofficial BIOS updates on their own. The lower voltage and higher multiplier of the K meant that it was not fully compatible with some Socket 7 motherboards, similar to the later K processors. I’m really glad that people are this nice.

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The CXT K processors and beyond also have a multiplier remap of 2. Now entera year of change for the PC industry. By using procsssor site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Larry the lounge lizard is coming back on the new gaming systems. AMD K7 Athlon The K6 mult 2.

Thread starter mazmaz Start date Dec 18, It was manufactured using a 0. With the K7 Athlon and Pentium III just around the corner AMD had to stretch processro K6 even further in a way or another just for some months…as it was impossible to increase the speed more performance had to be found changing the architecture. What’s new New posts Latest activity.


History | AMD K6, K and K6-III CPU resource

Don’t be so hard on it. September Commercial name: Have something to contribute to this discussion? I dont know that pocessor Win 98 system information actually differenciated between the K6 version 12 ad The AMD K-6 also came as fast or faster than mhz And if the ram is small, it will be accessing the hard drive more often for virtual memory.

Yeah, if you have Windows 98 on that, it’ll be a pretty good word processor.

The K was really the core of the K6 Family with numerous models and declinations and gave AMD the financial means 3s develop the future K7. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The K was a very financially successful chip and enabled AMD to earn the revenue it would need to introduce the forthcoming Athlon. Getting on a bit.

What speed is it? Here is some info from the AMD website: I’m no expert, but I procesxor one of the reasons it seems slow could be the slower hard drives laptops seem to have compared to desktops of the same vintage. Well, good luck then. Quickly realising that the actual K6 performance was the same as the PR2 this marketing scheme was dropped. Early x86 bit Am I have a lot of old 5. Views Read Edit View history. While the K had mediocre floating-point performance compared to the Celeron, it offered faster system RAM access courtesy of the Super ajd mainboardas well as 3DNow graphics extensions.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By the way, what is bobo?

AMD-K6(tm)3D Processor speed query

Download and run Aida32 link in Shinma’s stickies at the top of the General forum to get all the info. Thanks everyone for your replies and your sympathies.

On a chip that was already maxxed out for that technology level? Moved to the hardware section, by the way, as this Introductions section is not for asking and answering technical questions.