If all the pads work without a computer connection then its your module that’s the culprit. Thanks so much, Rene! Sign up using Facebook. Im building a diy kit from acoustic drum set. Could you check your headphone jacks please? I’m not familiar with the Alesis DM6, so this is general advice.

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You definitely do not need more hardware.

My DM6 will not send any midi signal

You may need to service your module. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Which headphones are you using? This should at least get you started.

Moonyloony June 13, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

It would be more than enough if you could help me from here, step by step. Hey, I’m Yannick, and I want to help you become the awesome drummer you can be!

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Can you please tell me how do I install updates on my Alexis dm6. Community-powered support for Alesis. Alfsis they are labelled very clearly. The cowbell thing is driving me crazy And can you also tell me how to install other kits on my dm6 Thanks. Post as a guest Name. I have absolutely nothing to complain about in terms of sound. Back when I played this set I was very, very satisfied with it.

New Drivers  LG LDU 800 DRIVER

I will edit this later for clarityand choose the DM6 it may show up as a generic interface as your main controller. Sign up using Email and Password. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Could you check your headphone jacks please?

I purchases the DM6 set and like it except when I hit the ride it rings like a bell. Otherwise, you might be concerned about how loud the pads are. I know that the basic answer is ‘yes’ but I want to know how specifically I can make the connection, the only connection I have between my DM6 and my PC is the USB lead, is that sufficient or do I need extra hardware? Chris D Employee June 05, How long does it take them usually to answer? And you can of course fold it in order to store it away.

I could really use your help now, a bit stuck. Wow, have been dealing with this problem for about 4 days, and I found a solution to it.


Recognized as “edrum” in windows 7 devices, and there is no apparent driver issue. Moonyloony June 05, It can be either heaphones see my favorite ones here or amp my favorites there.

Hello, Thanks for the post. Do all the pads work?

The mood in here. I highly appreciate your feedback!