The possibilities are endless, but you are finally fitted with a set of clubs made specifically for you. As usual it was an absolute pleasure to deal with the whole team! You get a real sense of knowledge, competence and quality. Never forget that the luxury of being wrong is not enough to make you right. Talk about great customer service full refund no questions asked.

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I found the whole experience to be fantastic, a huge combination of shafts and heads ensure that the guys find the right fit for you and when you add in hitting quality balls and Trackman 4 this is real fitting and cant be compared to the high street stores. I have now been custom fitted for a driver which will suit me personally. Immediately I faylormade confident in his approach.

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Golf IMO certainly has a bit of science behind it and you need all the help you can get to produce more consistent shots. With the latest version of Trackman giving you a whole host of stats it really opened my eyes as to how much of a difference the correct set up can make to your game.

I spent a very enjoyable hour with your courteous and helpful staff. No hard tatlormade whatsoever!!


SLDR face angle chart??? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Really enjoyed my experience. Custom equipment to the taylotmade IS the way for improving your golf game, enjoyment and scoring simples buildingbettergolfers tourproven thebest NoI. My experience from the first contact I had through reception with Christine and Derick was very welcoming. Well, let me tell you, the exact same thing happened to me when I went.

Went to Foregolf at the end of may. Do the fitting and get the clubs built.

It is part science, part art and part feel. I should have gone earlier. Posted 14 August – He was very easy to talk to and helped me settle into the process very comfortably.

Changing the heads was the icing on the cake. In the 36 hole tournament with 38 international blind and visually impaired golfers, I achieved my 2 highest ever tatlormade.

What are you Reading Right Now? Then into Dave for the fitting, I would highly recommend anyone getting fitted in foregolf to go to Dave. Ann J Hynes T Posted 28 January – I know that the weight on the bottom of the club can be adjusted to promote a fade or a draw, and that the loft can be adjusted Here is what I found.

These all of a sudden seemed to have abandoned me. Beautiful facilities and excellent customer care throughout.


Again, a very welcoming person and a fountain of knowledge. I never liked the clunky clubs although my handicap of 17 would suggest I should be using them so I was delighted to hear David telling me that the forgiving clubs generally encourage high ball flight and often a draw.

Muslims require head cover for both sexes in mosques that allow women. Very welcoming staff, and first class facilities and fitting process. I started off by hitting my own 7 iron and then hit some others with little tweaks here and there with different shafts and different weighted heads until the strike pattern became very consistent. As soon as I walked through the door, there was a great vibe. Top people, top experience, top top product.

I have yet tylormade experience the fitted clubs but I am confident that the glove will fit the hand. There is no sales push just a desire to make you better. This makes no sense whatsoever.